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Darren T. Kavinoky, the firm's founding attorney, oversees a staff of more than a dozen attorneys and over 20 support personnel. The firm's lawyers and staff members are each hand-picked for their extensive knowledge of criminal defense tactics and extraordinary commitment to fighting for the rights of the accused. Darren personally trains and mentors each attorney at the firm to ensure that every client receives the kind of exceptional representation that he is known for throughout California's criminal courts.

Avoiding Jail

If you have been accused or convicted of a crime, potential jail time is going to weigh heavily on your mind. The best criminal defense attorneys are those who are able to find alternatives to incarceration for their clients – allowing them to repay their debt to society without encountering the hazards of the state or federal penal system. Avoiding jail can happen – but having the right representation is the key.

Domestic Violence

In California, being accused of a domestic violence offense can mean losing more than your reputation – it can also cost you your freedom. To help fight allegations made against you, it is absolutely critical to work with a California criminal defense lawyer who understands the system and treats every client case as if it were the most important matter on his or her agenda.

Drug Cases

The “war on drugs” has claimed many victims – especially those caught in the complex web of California drug law. It is important to know that there are people who can help keep you out of jail – and are willing to fight for your rights. California drug lawyers work with a myriad of different narcotics cases each year, and can help untangle even the most difficult charges.

Sex Crimes

Sex crime cases are emotionally charged proceedings – which can often result in an incorrect judgment by the courts. That makes it all the more important to work with California defense attorneys who understand the complexities of state law. Sex crime attorneys are skilled at taking the “emotional element” out of the cases – and focus solely on the rule of law.

DUI Drugs

Driving while under the influence of drugs can lead to a suspension of your license or jail time if you don’t have a good lawyer.

Special Laws

With strict laws concerning domestic violence, California is one of the most difficult places to stand accused of a crime.